GT DD PRO / GT Sport controller setting menu now only see CSL not GG DD PRO and color buttons wrong

When first connected to PS5- Gran turismo Sport the controller menu in game requested Fanatec CSL or GT DD PRO. I selected GT DD PRO and the menu worked fine and all colored buttons functioned as they should. My GT DD Pro has a missing F1 button, I purchased a used GT DD PRO wheel that wasn't missing F1 button and connected to base. It didn't work properly. Maybe different firmware. 

I put my GT DD wheel back on and now GT Sport game only sees Fanatec CSL wheel (no longer GT DD PRO as before) in controller settings menu and not all my color buttons are working as they should. would like it game to see it as before and have my color buttons work as before. 


  • Sounds like you are in the Playstation compatibility mode.

    Just switch back into the regular Playstation mode and all should be fine again.

  • Tried that, definitely on PS mode blue light. Somehow when I put the used GT DD wheel on things changed on the PS5 recognizing correctly, thinking firmware on wheel was different then base?? Put original wheel back on and the issues came up. Tripled checked blue light PS4/PS5 mode on base. Wheel works but only TC and Brake Bais are the only ones working and in different colored buttons now. And only shows CSL fanatec in GT sport controller menu. So cant make any changes or button changes,

    Thank you

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    Connected to computer and updated firmware on all components. So, the issue I have now is only 2 colored buttons work on both wheels. (GT DD pro) one has a broken L1 button so got another on EBAY.

    RED button for Brake bias

    Blue for traction control

    Other 2 have no function. GRN -Yellow

    MPH and gear selector LCD randomly works or is just black during game (GT sport) all other uses work for getting into tuning menus and turning on display.

    GT sport is not changing from Fanatec CSL elite wheel in in-game controller menu. Changed from GT DD PRO to Fanatec CSL elite. I cant seem to change or have the game recognize it properly.

    Way to reset GT sport and start hook up of GT DD PRO again, or delete a previous recognized CSL ELite controller?

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