When will the F1 23 Recommended Settings be released?

F123 has been released for a week,I need a more appropriate force feedback setup。


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    F1 23 has been released for just 5 days.

    Give them some time, it's a huge effort to do recommended settings as you have to actually drive and test every single base and then find the best settings. This can not be done in some days.

    In the meantime you can fiddle around with the settings by yourself, orientating on F1 22 settings to find good settings which suits you.

  • I'm still waiting recommended settings for WRC10, and they are the main sponsor... Fanatec it's just lazy.

  • OT from the main post, but I definitely agree.

    I've never understood why Fanatec is plastered all over the WRC games (they even have a WRC- branded wheel for sale), but aside from Generations, there's absolutely zero love when it comes to official recommended settings for WRC games here in the Fanatec forums.

    Heck, if you even want to *talk* about the WRC games, you have to do it in a different subforum because the one they've created doesn't allow user-created posts. 🤦‍♂️

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    Hi mate!

    Here are the settings from a very good driver that you may know him.

    The link of his video showing his settings is here:

    In the description of this video he writes all the settings inside the game and on Fanatec app.

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    He uses an ancient old driver with the complete stock default settings (which do not feel good in F1).

    He did not customized ANY setting, its all default and efault settings may be a good starting point but are never good (waaaaaaaaaaay too much NDP, waaaay too much INT, just two examples).

    So no, these settings are not good at all.

  • For people not having settings at all can be a helpful start.

    And they can see the feeling when racing and make fine tuning.

    And yes, limitless is very trusty, he drives very fast, and for many people these settings can work too even for the newest 451 driver.

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    Even the old official recommended settings of F1 22 are better then what limitless is using as he is just using the plain default settings how every CSL DD gets delivered out of the box and those settings are not fine-tuned for any game and dont feel good in F1.

    People are better off fiddling around with the settings on their own or just using the F1 22 recommended settings (which are much better than the stock default settings) instead of using this settings

  • I have to agree. I'm also using an old driver (439) with my CSL DD and I started with the recommended settings for F1 22. Even starting from there, I completely turned off NDP and turned INT down to 1 to help feel detail in the track surface. NDP 50 and INT 11 gives you no detail at all and feels like the wheel is submerged in mud.

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    For those who have expertise with these things, is there a way to figure out the max FFB before clipping? Using the recommended f1 22 settings on f1 23 but I find with 75 I can't feel the car slipping. Don't wanna put it too high however that it clips and its the same thing. Any improved settings always welcomed.

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    last year the recommended settings released in september. so i think this will be the period of time.

    F1 22 was released on 1st July, so maybe it could be few weeks earlier this year. maybe mid/end august.

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