F1 23 - using TELEMETRY data with fanalab


has anybody already managed to use UDP data from F1 23 with fanalab? Using the existing F1 22 profile in fanalab and the same settings in F1 23 like in F1 22 doesn't work for me.

Latest official Driver 451, CSL DD, Formula 2.5, fanalab V1.69.7

Am I missing something or is it simply not supported yet?

If you were successful - could you please post your settings for fanalab and F1 23?


  • There is currently no official F1 23 in FanaLab because the latest FanaLab version was released way before F1 23 so it can not have support for it.

    There is a workaround to get F1 23 working with FanaLab 1.69.7 though until native game support comes with the next FanaLab version around (early) July.

    You need to change some lines in the Configuration.xml file which can be found in the FanaLab installation folder and there in the "xml" subfolder.

    You would need to change the entry of F1 22 to this:

    <Game majorId="4" minorId="8" isSupported="True">

      <title>F1 22</title>



      <steamlaunch id="2108330">steam://rungameid/2108330</steamlaunch>

    In game you would need to set UDP format to 2022 and then it actually should work until the next FanaLab version is ready with native support.

  • Hey that's EXACTLY the solution I was looking for. It has even helped me to unterstand better how fanalab works.

    Absolutely satisfying now.

    Vielen Dank! 😀

  • Do we need to 'undo' this fix now Fanalab supports F1 23 as my Fanapp iPad thing doesn't connect up to F1 23.


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