F1 23 PC - no feedback when losing grip

anyone figure out good settings? Using the F1 22 settings recommended here and there is absolutely no feedback when the rears start slipping.


  • The ffb in F1 games has never been really good, but F1 23 is still in early access and still contains many bugs, there should be a patch to the official release, maybe that already solves your problem

  • So far I have used:


    Rotation 1080 (think it’s 1080, same as f1 22)

    ffb: 40-46

    ffb type: peak

    int: off or 1

    dmp: 12-20

    FEI: 70

    everything else off

    in game:

    ffb : 65

    others : 0

    damper: 1

    rotation: 360

    supercar: 900

  • Just to clarify, this is not early access, just receiving the general release 3 days earlier if you bought the championship version of the game. When Steam refers to the term “early access” it is for games in alpha and beta stages that you can buy months and sometimes years in advance of full release to play with while they are in development.

  • What wheel base are you using? I have a GT dd pro.

  • edited June 2023

    Oh sorry Xbox Series x (hence the 1080 for 3 titles now)

    dd1 (so 15-20 nm v 8 nm, my buddy runs his 5NM CSL on 90-100)

    formula V2

    V3 load cell pedals

  • The game came out regularly today and a day one (or two) patch is expected, so the version you could play from the 13th is an early access version

  • I keep hitting a curb and losing ffb in any mode. Also when I come back from a break of any length it is gone as well. 🥲

  • I saw the loss of FFB is mentioned in the game’s forum over at EA.

    First release fully with EA, let’s see which way it goes; released earlier than Codies ‘ versions, implying more bugs but at the same time, EA should have better capacity to limit bugs pre release.

  • How are you using this on your PC at all? When I fire up f123, it doesn't seem to detect my wheel or pedals at all?

  • No it's NOT. Not in the way you intend.

    The game out on the 13th is the SAME IDENTICAL version of the game out on the 16th: some people just payed extra money to play it 3 days before those one who didn't: simple. that's the only reason why they called it 'early access', it's not a beta (or alpha) version, it's the day one, and since today (june 26th) still hasn't been patched (first patch will probably be release in the second half of July).

    These kind of problems or bugs we're discussing here aren't because of the 13th o 16th access, they are baecause EA/Codies did a poor job... again... and keep on releasing deeply untested games every damn year...

    (BTW, there are bugs that are ridiculous: the red flags for example are completely broken and screw every race they come up, if they thested the games just for a couple of afternoons they would have noticed, instead of just bragging around a feature that is complete joke, at the moment).

  • the fact that the game is in such a bad state supports my statement and in case it wasn't clear in my first comment (maybe I should have said it more critically) I am a very big critic of CM F1 games.

    They are unfinished at release and everyone who pre-ordered only bought an expensive beta, so the term "early access" would still be a compliment, because you would expect an unfinished game.

    for me the red flag was always a bad idea and i expected exactly what happened with it now, everyone was screaming for it and now that it's in the game you have to disable it because it only causes problems.

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