FFB Constantly breaking off during play CSL-DD and F123

Have a new CSL-DD and new to Fanatec, and experiencing a disturbing repetitive loss of FFB,

Primarily in F123 as this is where I have spent my time with the new CSL-DD.

Basically every time I am in a session at some point there is a sudden release of resistance and the FFB is totally gone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and firmware (and also the game) several times and eventually get FFB back and after a while "poof" gone again.

It is frustrating as I do not know whether to attribute this glitch to the CSL-DD or the game. I don't know how to go about getting to the bottom of this.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations I would greatly appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance

Boyo O'Boyo


  • Thank you for the feedback. Mine appears to be seated properly.

    Was just attempting a TT at Siverstone before checking to see if there was a response to my inquiry, and the FFB had just suddenly stopped again. That is twice within a short window of play.

  • the problem is discussed in the F1 23 forum, this happens to many

  • Yep. I’m having this as well.

    tried a few things. But don’t bother uninstalling/reinstall drivers as it doesn’t help.

    switch wheelbase off and on again - works sometimes

    restart the game totally - always works

    stop game back to main menu and try to restart the race - hardly ever works

  • I'm curious what platform you all are running on. I'm one of the two people in the world using the EA store version, and haven't experienced this problem at all in about 20 hours of playtime so far.

  • I am on XBox Series S....purchased game via Microsoft Store

  • In regards to F1 2023 and in my case, there is a second or two without FFB when re-entering a race from e.g. the pause menu, but it never disappears while racing.

    Waiting for the first patch post day 1 release, I had expected to be done already.

  • On a second thought, it might not be a bug but a feature to push people to run their 100% length races in one go without a break, as is the case for real drivers. Consider it as EA’s response to the criticism towards their F1-series not being a sim.

  • I think they've purposely done it that way. You can feel it as well in Time Trial, right after the lights go out and control is handed over to you: the FFB gradually ramps up over a couple of seconds. It used to come on suddenly at 100%, causing a jolt which put a lot of people off. The way it is now is a reaction to that.

  • No, it isn't a 'reaction' to that. It's complete and utter f*()#% incompetence.

    You think it's an improvement to have NO FORCE FEEDBACK AT ALL exiting pit lane, or taking over in a hotlap, until the wheel has been turned meaningfully each direction?

    I can only presume you've never bothered to actually try it for yourself and see how easy it is to put yourself into a wall on a hotlap, or tried to figure out how to deal with Turn 1 anywhere when you have absolutely zero tactile feedback at all.

    EA is goddamn incompetent. Period.

  • Don't shoot the messenger. All I'm saying is what I've read was the reasoning behind why it was changed. Yelling and cursing at me solves nothing...maybe go direct some of that toward the actual developers on their forums. Or don't. 🤷‍♂️

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