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Hi !

The steering wheel does not appear in the steering models available on GT7. I therefore customize the buttons as I wish. Can someone tell me how to do it ? I have of course tried to choose the Formula V2.5 but it still doesn't works !!

Thank you for your answers 😉



  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
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    I assume you have a PS supported base (CSL eilte, DD Pro, DD1 PS). If not then can not use w GT7 or other PS games

    See the button mapping in the doc https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/cd/24/98/CS-SWFORM-F1-QG-EN-WebRrwFcCqaQ2njt.pdf

    The PS4 buttons will correpsond to the mapping for the formula carbon wheel (or should for the V2.5 as well) as labled - so if the on screen shows L2 or R2 find those on the wheel list and then select the dropdown in the game screen for that button.

    For any Fanatec PS comptable base, the PS specific buttons send those commands to the game and map as labled on the screen regardless of which wheel setup you pick in GT7.

  • Thank you for your answer Neil !

    Yes I've got a PS5 with my new wheel steering F1 Esports V2 (before I've had the P1 buy in 2017) and Wheel base : CSL Elite buy in 2017.

    I haven't got enough time to test my new wheel and try to configure him (Receive on Thursday and departure on vacation on Saturday).

    I tried to configure the buttons by choosing the V2.5 it doesn't worked. I will try by choosing another fanatec steering wheel or I made something wrong.

    I'll see it when I get back.



  • You probably figured this out but I looked at seetings on GT7. You pick the DD Pro base, and then map the buttons as they correspond to a specific wheel.

  • Hi Neil! Thank you for your asnswer!

    I'm still on vacation and I'll be back tomorrow... I indeed remember that I could choose between 3 steering wheels in the settings :

    • Podium V2.5
    • CSL Elite
    • and GT DD PRO.

    I didn't have enough time to test all the steering wheels before going on vacation, only PODIUM V2.5.

    I'll try GT DD PRO tomorrow night.... and tell you if it works.


  • Hi Neil !

    I managed to configure my steering wheel. In fact I just had to configure the steering wheel which is detected by gran turismo, namely the CLS ELITE. it does not recognize my new V2 esport steering wheel but it does recognize the CSL ELITE base. So I was able to map the buttons as I wanted.

    Thank you 👍️👍️👍️


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