I bought the F1 esports premium bundle. It came fabric defective. Need Help from FANATEC worker

As the title says, i bought the bundle, first of all it came incomplete, the QR1 was missing in the packages so i had to open a ticket to have it sent to me. After that, when the QR arrived, i proceed to connect the wheel to my base and to my surprise, the new setup i boght from fanatec didnt worked at all.

After hours of troblishooting, i figured out that if i disconnect the wheel my pc recognizes all of the items (the base and the pedals) but if i connect the weel then the base just bricks and gets stuck on the "calibration mode".

Fanatec support just answered so i RMA my product and send them the base and wheel for repair. Because they dont know if its the wheel or the base what is defective. Im obviously very dissapointed, as i stated to them in my emails, because i had a high esteem for the brand, but the quality and the service ive got is just unjustifiable

The point is, they want to repair my unit and give me back the repaired one, and im not okay with that, because i payed for a NEW unit, not for a refurbihed/repaired one, so im asking them to get the unit ill return to them, and to send me a new unit back.

I dont know if there are any fanatec workers here on the forum, but id like some sort of more direct connection with the team so we can get to an agreement fast and in a good manner, im just asking for a nice treatment here, when i feel ive been treated very badly to be honest. I dont know if its possible to talk to a brand representative or something. Im just desperate to get my setup working, since right no ive lost 840$ on a not working unit, and if everyhting stays like its now, i will received a repaired NOT NEW unit, that its not worth the 840$ i paid for. Im not even asking for compensation when i maybe could, im just asking for what i payed for in a respectful manner, i hope my message its understood, as i dont want to cause no harm to the brand or any employee of fanatec.

Hope a FANATEC worker sees this. Have a nice day/night.

Heres a video of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/VGt8jB8


  • Sounds like a nightmare! Your expectations sound reasonable to me. I also would not accept a repaired unit. You paid for a new unit - that is what you should be sent.

    If you can't get agreement from Fanatec to send you a new working unit you may wish to consider simply asking for a refund instead. That way you will have the opportunity to explore the market, perhaps but something else, or simply place a new order with Fanatec and hope you have better luck the second time.

    Although after this first impression, I wouldn't blame you for deciding that this is not the kind of company that you wish to do business with.

  • Totally. I cannot even ask for a refund, 14 days have passed since I ordered between getting support and waiting for the missing qr.

    Even if I could, maybe I wouldn't even take it, as I said in the original post, I like the brand overall and really wanna try what I bought originally, since I thought it was the best option, maybe I just had bad luck with this unit. But being honest I'm being treated in a very bad way, that's why I want to talk directly with the fanatec team, to have a nice conversation about this issue and get what I bought from them.

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    Reading that the problem is due to "bad luck" is reason many of us bought Fanatec products, and got a similar treatment to yours.

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    Edit/update: I tried a different wheel (P1 V2 I think) that someone borrowed to me in the base and it recognized it, now I think the wheel is the one that came defective, anyone has had the same issue?.

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