Xbox Series X wheel latency

New (again) to sim racing and just putting my first DD setup in play. I have a CSL DD w/ the Mclaren V2 wheel and I am seeing some latency from my actual wheel turning and the in-game wheels turning. Seems to be pretty consistent between ACC and F1 23. I have the latest firmware on both the base and the wheel, and have turned my TV settings to "game mode" and verified there are no settings that would add any post-processing. I have also tried 3 different TV's, 2 of which were Sony 4Ks, and a 1080p Hisense.

As you can hopefully see in the video, there is a "rubber band" feel to the wheel that is pretty clear when I rotate it back and forth. This shows how far behind the in-game wheel is from the physical one, which I would have to assume is also how far delayed my input is to the game actions.

At this point, I am wondering if what I am seeing is just common place, or if it is all I can expect from an Xbox Series X... or maybe any console/PC, but I don't have an easy way to swap that part of the system out as I don't have a PC, just a Mac.

Am I expecting too much? Do I have an common problem? How much of this is console specific?


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