CSL DD Iracing auto force feedback

I have the csl dd 8nm and im trying to understand exactly how max the strength in iracing without clipping. is it ok if the ffb clips only on wall collisions? road textures seem do fine and do no clipping. any pointers would be appreciated


  • Long, large-radius turns are those that produce the greatest forces. You should test your FFB on ovals.

  • I have tested on those. I was just wondering if the wheel base clips on wall collisions, is that ok?

  • i been think off this clipping, i think its possible fix if they make function for auto reduce the force feedback before the wall collide or at same time

  • Generally speaking, yes. You want to maximize your "usable" FFB. That is, you want to have as much detail available as possible for things that actually matter while driving - cornering forces, road detail, etc. Since most people don't really care if a crash gives them accurate FFB, it's perfectly fine for it to clip.

  • i not sure that belt drive steering wheels players would totally agree with this because something like this never happens at there

  • As Gregg said you only need the details of the guide, when your car has an accident the FFB doesn't help you, so the clipping is right. Your configuration is correct.

    With "only" 8 Nm you won't have many setup options. You need to keep the wheelbase's FFB value at 100 and adjust the game's FFB as you see fit. If the FFB is low, some clipping is bearable. But if you can get no clipping while driving, that's better.

    With the more powerful steering wheels, it's a good idea to adjust the FFB of the game, as you did, so that it works with the widest possible range of FFB, without clipping on the track. Then you adjust the wheelbase's FFB to your liking.

    You may find it beneficial to use the FEI filter, which usually nobody uses. This filter smoothes the FFB without limiting forces. So it lowers all FFB noise, asphalt texture or kerbs, and thus brings out forces, such as load transfers, cornering or bumps and dips in the track, oversteer and understeer. A matter of taste, but having a cleaner FFB could help with driving.

  • thanks everyone for the tips. i wish fanatec made a csl dd with about 15 nm, that would be perfect. i find i could just a little bit more power to feel everything i want. maybe having a buttkicker is somewhat fighting with what i feel sometimes.

  • They do. That would be the CS DD 😄

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