CSL DD T-Slot Mounting Nuts

I am buying a used CSL DD wheelbase. I am not sure if the T-Slot nuts will be included. I may need to buy some T-Slot nuts to mount the wheel. What are the specs for the T-Slot nuts that come with the DCS DD?


  • I found the T-Slot nut details needed to use with the mounting nuts that come with the CSL DD. The T-Slot nuts with with 15 Series 80/20 aluminum profile.

  • fanatec included ones are 8x18x18 with m6 , not sure if you can find exact size

  • I have some left over hardware from an 80/20 build I did a few years ago. Turns out that the CSL DD I bought used, came with the stock T-Slot nuts. Due to thread size issues, I had to go another route. I managed to use these T-slot tabs and button head cap bolts to mount the CSL DD to my Clubsport wheelbase table clamp. Working very well.

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