Lack of functioning buttons and lights on the Xbox Series X


I have just spent a lot of money buying the CSL 8nm bundle + the upgraded CSL Elite V2 pedals and two steering wheels, the WRC and the Mclaren GT3 only to find that half the buttons don't work and none of the lights work ie the gear your in or the speed your going and the rev counter lights.

Fanatec say this is down to Microsoft's software or something, but I've just been watching a video on youtube about the new Moza R3 xbox compatable DD wheel and base and they have the lights for the rev counter working, how is it that they can do this, but Fanatec can't?


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    Regarding the Moza R3 Xbox Bundle: They did NOT got the lights working. They only let the LEDs constantly blink without having them connected to Telemetry data from the game.

    Surely Fanatec could do the same on a FW level but do you really want to have the lights constantly blinking? I for sure would not like to have that as it's extremely distracting because its not connected to the actual RPM of the car you actually drive.

    However, Fanatec already confirmed that a few months ago Microsoft have finally provided an "Xbox GDK" which is the base to build a SDK which is currently in development and then needs to be implemented by the game developers - then more buttons and LEDs would work. But this most likely will only affect newly released games as it needs a game patch which implements the SDK which old games certainly wont get.

  • i quess the only leds what fanatec currently may make work is the force feedback info leds, like impulse signals what ffb sends to steering wheel.

    that is more like disco club lights tho than real stuff

  • console does send out force feedback info like steering strength and so on, technically fanatec can show this kind info thro leds as-well.

    so user could feel himself as disco club by show all kind different lights

  • Moza use similar selling method like those nice colored PC cases, even tho it not make player faster it makes user more happy

  • For me is the same, I bought a Csl elite with a formula v2.5 “for Xbox” and the lack of functionality is insane, I can’t believe NON of the rotary knobs works, the joystick in the left also Not work, the mini switches Not work, the buttons are a mess…. It is incredible that this high end high priced wheel doesn’t work for XBOX…

    The only buttons that work ok are X A B Y menu and the shifters…… even my cheep Logitech has more functionality than this….. ahhh I almost forget, the joystick on the right woks but with the annoying issue that Avery time you do arrows up right down or left, it send an A button, so is imposible to use.

    And you don’t have led light and not have display for nothing…. Not work.

    The wheel base works amazing, and the wheel is beautifully crafted, but it is very sad for us customers, to get that much money for a product that doesn’t deliver.

    We XBOX USERS pay full price IN FANATEC gear for a minimum of functionality, this should be treated as a defective product.

    I hope this message gets to Fanatec tech team and make a solution, ASAP…. And to all XBOX users before spending their money in a defective product.

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