DD1 Issue - Randomly locking up

I purchased a used DD1 off of marketplace and after downloading the control panel, the latest firmware, fanalabs, checking all settings and making adjustments - I will be racing on iRacing and the force feedback bar will go crazy and have a red line come from the right. Tried to take a video to give an example. You can see when the car hooks dead right the meter goes nuts as well. I am at a lost and so are my buddies with a DD1 as we have changed literally everything we can.. I can basically run little to no ffb and it still manages to do it.

It's calibrated correctly too so reaching out here to see if anyone knows what it could be. I am missing the torque key as the previous owner lost it and I have one coming this week. I still feel like the wheel base should work fine in low torque mode still though. Video attached to show what its doing.


  • Looks similar to what happened to me:


    EMI was the culprit in my case. Have a look through that thread for some potential solutions that may help you.

  • Did everything I could to fix any EMI issues that would potentially be there but didn’t help unfortunately.

  • i look you and other videos multi times with similar issue and not really know what to think off this.

    i never experience something like this in whole life at from year 2000 when i buy my first pc and when i started play the sim games

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