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Hi team, now the QR2 is out can you advise what the process is for US BMW M4 wheel owners to receive the wheelside QR2?

Should we buy the bundle ourselves and then get it discounted through the checkout process so we’re only paying for the wheelbase side QR2?

If there is limited launch stock I don’t want to miss out!


  • As far as I know we only get the (middle/normal) QR2 Wheel-side, not the QR2 Pro. So "this is the real deal" is gone after the change, because the Pro is used in the real car and on the "real deal"-wheel.

    But how we get it was not communicated yet. At least not to me as a buyer of the M4 wheel. As a subscriber to the newsletter it's also strange to not get a single info about QR2. I wouldn't even know it's available, if I haven't checked Instagram during my vacation trip.

    I've now ordered the QR2 Pro bundle, so I can modify my base with the Type-M and use the QR2 Pro wheel-side on the M4 wheel. The normal QR2 wheel-side which should be automatically sended to me for "upgrading" my M4 wheel will then be used on my Formula V2.5.

  • Did the same, ordered the QR2 Pro, and will use the BMW M4 QR2 for another wheel. Wondering when they'll ship it though.

  • Did the same here as well, been waiting TOO long without, and STILL no information from Fanatec. Seems like they just don’t want to communicate anything. Should have been the first thing they did today…or yesterday was to ship and email our PAID FOR QR2 wheel end. If it’s NOT the Pro, what a joke. Sorry…nothing from Fanatec about this to the paid Back Ordered customers…poor CS guys. :(

    Will never again recommend Fanatec….I’m a customer because I have thousands invested…but I’d tell anyone…look around. I was a VERY LOYAL customer as well.

  • If you scroll to the bottom of this page the wheel-side Pro version is confirmed for M4 wheel owners so we will get that version, the question is when.

    I've just ordered the base type-m in the hope it isn’t too long.

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    There’s this thing called email and email lists…, I will say Fanatec doesn’t spam me, but at least an email telling me my purchased product is in stock and shipping or shipping soon. Do you approve of my email logic? You do understand I paid for this over a year ago? M4 GT3 Wheel owner

  • Where are you seeing this? Nothing on my end at the bottom of this page, was it on the site somewhere?

  • For those looking, this was indeed on the fanatec.com/qr2 page, thanks Maurice! Second to the last Bullet Point. I guess I should not believe everything I hear on the internet, i.e previous post saying we were not getting the QR2 Pro.

    I do stand by my criticism of LACK OF INFORMATION from Fanatec on this. Why...why treat your customers like this? Why is something I paid for over a year ago not already shipped when available? FIFO guys!


    • All QR2 Wheel-Side variants are compatible with all QR2 Base-Side variants.
    • There are different variations of the QR2 Base-Side:
    • QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) for Podium Wheel Bases
    • QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) Gran Turismo DD Pro and CSL DD Wheel Bases
    • The QR2 Lite Wheel-Side replaces the current QR1 Lite Wheel-Side used on CSL Series products and is therefore not compatible with all Steering Wheels with an exchangeable quick release due to the torque detection pin (see list below).
    • The QR2 Lite Wheel-Side does not support High Torque Mode on Podium Wheel Bases. If your Podium Wheel Base is fitted with a QR2 Base-Side, a wheel with a metal QR2 Wheel-Side is required to activate High Torque Mode.
    • Upgrading compatible Steering Wheels and Wheel Bases to QR2 is a straightforward process that can be performed by the end user. Please refer to the Quick Guides and Video Guides provided in the Downloads section of each product page.
    • When upgrading from QR1 to QR2, the distance between the Wheel Base and Steering Wheel may change slightly.
    • Current Fanatec Wheel Bases preassembled with the QR1 can be upgraded to QR2.
    • Future Fanatec Wheel Bases will come preassembled with the QR2 and can be downgraded to QR1 during the transition period.
    • Fanatec Steering Wheels will generally continue to ship with the selected QR in a separate package, requiring user assembly.
    • Existing Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3 customers will be shipped a QR2 Pro Wheel-Side as soon as it is available.
    • The QR1 Base-Side (Type-C and Type-M) and the QR1 Wheel-Side will be available during the transition period.

  • You just should have received a Newsletter with the current status and timeline.

  • I received an email from Fanatec this morning confirming that my QR2 Pro Wheel-side is in progress and that I should receive a status update for my shipment by the end of next week. Worth double-checking your spam folder if you don't see anything yet.

  • No, not in my spam folder, only email I have received is from my order yesterday. Nothing. I actually have a Fanatec Folder I keep all correspondence with them. I have been a customer since 2015 with thousands of dollars spent...and many, many emails. I will give props that they do not spam me, but I do get emails time to time as well, last on was 9/1 as far as a news letting and then I got my order email today for an order last night.

    Nothing regarding my over a year purchase of the BMW M4 Wheel with included wheel side QR2

  • I purchased my M4 wheel Sep 2022, I was not on the first round, received wheel in March 2023. Maybe I have to wait even more because not first round?

    This whole process has left me with a very bad taste. I hope I get this email everyone else is seeming to get.

  • My wheel was ordered on 20.12.2021, I had to wait until June 2022 to receive it but the invoice was paid in 2021.

    Will I be served before or after? Time will tell. 

  • Hope you get your QR2 soon, I almost ordered on the first round, but waited too long. Maybe I have to awhile...hope not. Love the wheel, have been a huge supporter of Fanatec for years...I would not recommend anymore after this experience...too many other options out there now.

  • Thank you very much ;)

    There are indeed alternatives to Fanatec.

    But on the other hand, there is the compatibility, the fact of not having 50 USB cables to connect wheel, pedals and base and as much software to manage everything. The many possibilities offered by fanalab, including vehicle autodetection and Maurice's incredible profiles.

    It's no secret that fanatec has had a few problems over the last few years that have no doubt led to major organisational changes and significant delays on projects (Moza?...).

    If things pick up for them, I'm happy. There are a lot of players in simracing now, but fanatec deserves to regain the momentum it lost a few years ago. I hope the problems are behind them.

  • I 100% agree on everything you have said! I don't want to see anything but good for Fanatec, however they are dropping the ball on communications. I work for a manufacturing company, much smaller that Fanatec, however we work HARD on our communications. I'm a software/database developer and so much of what I do is to have better communications to our customers. I have received NOTHING on this, I actually gave up it would ever come...then to find out from a youtuber it's released? Sorry Fanatec, you need to do better.

    I'm not leaving Fanatec, I can't...thousands of dollars invested, but would I recommend them again to friends, No, not at this time.

  • No email on the M4 QR2. Not in Junk/Spam.

    I did order shaft and second QR2 so i can swap between round and M4 wheel though. I have that email confirmation and they have already shipped.

    I submitted a support ticked to inquire about the M4 QR2, but I'm hoping that since the M4 wheels supersede all QR2 orders that they should be shipped already? I just can't find any verification to that being the case.

    Any insight would be appreciated? I have likely missed something in all the excitement.

  • “I'm hoping that since the M4 wheels supersede all QR2 orders that they should be shipped already? I just can't find any verification to that being the case.”

    Exactly this, I thought for sure it would have shown on my still open order, shipping soon or shipped. Betting man tells me they are selling what they can first before the still open M4 orders. As much as they spend in advertising, I’m starting to wonder if they are getting cash strapped.

  • Yeah. I don't want to be too negative. Sales alone tells me they're swamped. And they did respond to me withing 24 hours. But the response was vague and verifies that that the M4 QR2 will arrive later than my Bundle order. Boo Dee Hoo for me :(

    On the plus side. My bundle says it's already shipped. But no Tracking yet. Usually i don't get any tracking info until Fedex sends me an email when it's picked up. That's US side if it helps anyone.

    And like a lot of people here. I like the Fanatec Eco and am invested in it at this point. So ima just be excited for upgrades for now.

  • I couldn't find the info: The M4 wheel came with a USB adapter for updating its firmware.

    But with the arrival of the QR2, it will become obsolete.

    Should we get a new adapter or will it no longer be useful with the new QR2?

  • Good Question. I think it becomes obsolete, but hopefully Maurice can answer that. If not send that question to support.

    Still no newsletter from Fanatec btw.

  • @Ohthreeemthree They have not replied or even acknowledged my support question my my M4 order


  • Same I opened a ticket asking about a date when it launched.

    I did get an email on 9/26, subject: "QR2 Pro Shipping Status Update"

    that said: "Due to the high volume of orders that need to be processed and shipped, we expect you to receive updates on the status of your shipment by next week at the latest."

    But thursday in germany has come and gone, so they've only got a day left to make good on their statement.

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    Fanatec has no desire to help us old revenue customers, in fact, because of the delay, They may make MORE current/future revenue forcing some us to order from their site, now that we understand where we are, last their list, evil genius, 😔 I do wonder if what they’re doing is even legal in the EU. Slimy way to treat possibly some of their best customers…shameful. Never seen anything like this before on how we’ve been treated, now they will blame this on delivery issues of new orders. BS, and we should have had shipping ready to go day one.

  • Still waiting for this elusive email/new letter :D

    It's almost comical now. I had order online to get what I've already paid for...nice job Fanatec.

  • I had my email through yesterday followed by the shipping notification. Looks like they're getting through them now.

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