clutch pedal

i got a set of pedals the clubsport v3 and are working fine, i bought a new direct wheel base from fanatec plugged in my pedals and the clutch pedal doesnt work properly. tried to get in touch with fanatec and they are no help. i just want to tell you all fanatec are a waste of space. all my pc stuff is fanatec which i thought were the best, but i wont be buying from them again. nobody seems to be talking about the clutch or how to solve the issue


  • What do you mean "doesnt work properly"?

    Have you calibrated the pedals again?

  • yes i did and when i go to test them my brake is working it shows the red line and the acceleration is the same but the clutch doesn't show anything, but i stripped it and cleaned them the magnets on the sensor. on utube it says maybe the magnet is back to front but i took it out cleaned them and it right. i also connected my pedals directly to my pc and still not working correctly. but thanks for replying

  • i did not get any help to fix my clutch pedal, but i took my time and worked how to fix the clutch pedal myself. if anybody needs help let me know and i tell them what i did

  • I have a CSL DD 8Nm with CSL Pedals. After updating firmware, driver v454 and fanalab v2.01.12 games recognize clutch as a button instead of pedal. There is no traveling in games but on Fanatec APP it works just fine. Couldn't find any solution for days. How did you fix it?

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