Why no information given on M4 Wheel owners and the QR2?

I have two wheels I use daily, one is the M4 GT3 Wheel, I purchase the QR2 Pro Bundle and now can’t use because Fanatec is not sending out the Wheel Side Pro to the M4 owners? I paid for this over a year ago now. Does anyone have any information why we’re not getting this right away?

This is frustrating, I may have close to 10 Grand in Fanatec hardware, very good customer server guys. Been looking for an email from the day one release of the QR2, nothing…and yeah…not in spam


  • There were Information given to every M4 wheel owner via a Newsletter mail 6 days ago which stated that everyone will get a free QR2 Pro Wheel-Side Adapter sent by the end of this week at the latest.

  • I wanted to ask a question on this.

    So the new QR will be sent out quickly - thats great, but it's useless without the base side part which has had to be ordered normally, so is subject to the shipping delays.

    Therefore, what is the point in shipping the QR's quickly? Unless a base side is also included, which I doubt.

  • "Unless a base side is also included, which I doubt."

    No, its not.

  • Thank you, Maurice, for the reply.

    I never got this news letter, been looking every day since QR2 release, and almost every month for the last year. What can I do? I even sent a question out about a month ago and got a very vanilla response. I have gotten several other newsletters regarding bundles or wheels, etc., but nothing on the QR2 and related Order fulfillment of my M4 purchase in September 2022. If indeed for some reason I'm not on the list, how can I get on this list? At the very least, I hope you can understand my frustration.

  • Ya, to be fair, I never received this newsletter email either. Not too worried about it, since apparently it said QR2's will be sent this week, but just wanted to mention that this newsletter process apparently isn't working for everyone! :)

  • The bummer for me is I thought for SURE it would have shipped by now...I don't just have one wheel, I use two daily, so I just spent $300 on the bundle but I cannot use until I receive what I've already paid for. I have the bundle at home. Makes no sense that I would get the bundle before my purchase back ordered, paid for part. Oh well...nothing I can do; they know I can't go anywhere else.

  • My guess (based on absolutely nothing - haha) is that they have inventory set aside for us, but it's a (at least partly) manual process for them to go in and enter all of the orders for the BMW owners, so it will take them a bit to get it done.

    I just got the base-side and two wheel-side QR2 pros (one of which I put on the BMW wheel), and I can tell you it will be worth the wait. Being able to consistently remove a wheel easily, without smacking myself in the face or chest with it, is so nice! :) When they send the free one, I'll put it on another of my wheels.

  • I hope your’e correct, time will tell. Work in manufacturing/fulfillment, as a database engineer, this would or should not been an issue. JMO, lol but I know a better job on all this should have been done. As someone that wants Fanatec to kick butt, have been with them as soon as allowed, you needed an invite back in the day to purchase, it’s been a very disappointing experience.

    Something is weird about all this, probably a very large company with a very low IT budget at best, worried a bit at worst…cash flow.

  • Fanatec have been doing so much wrong. They grew too quickly and didn't make sufficient investment in the business to keep up. Their Board has been populated with inexperienced "yes men" and Jackermeier is guided by his ego and is blind to the problems.

    Their massive financial hole now is largely due to their crazy idea of building a brand new HQ complete with two story kart track at a cost of tens of millions Euro. Stock obviously took a massive hit when investors realised this further exacerbating their problems. There was a call with investors intended to calm nerves but it did the opposite - no answers and clearly no real understanding of the business.

    On the plus side they recently appointed a proper responsible adult as CFO. Whether that is too little too late remains to be seen.

  • for me it looks more , like current problem is that they new logistic partner not knows nothing how other country's delivery system works

  • "Their massive financial hole now is largely due to their crazy idea of building a brand new HQ complete with two story kart track at a cost of tens of millions Euro. "

    This as well as all the sponsorships. Just makes me wonder wth is going on? Are they taking pre-orders to for cash flow?

    Also reading though all the other issues...they are dropping the ball in so many ways...

    Also, the one word or sentence answers given here regarding customer service...not very helpful, I appreciate Maurice trying to answer what he can, but is he the only one that monitors the forum? Does he not help when needed?

    Self-inflicted wounds and we can't blame the COV anymore. I hope so much they get this all corrected, but can't keep treating customers like this. You won't have anymore and any new customer considering Fanatec...well, sure hope they don't come read the forums.

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