I am worried about my package

I bought the CSL DD with the 8nm of torque, Club Sport V3 pedals and the break kit, the Formula V 2.5 X the Podium Paddle Upgrade and the button cap set; The whole kit and caboodle. I spent a lot of money and I'm worried about the status if my package and if its even going to arrive if not how long will it take. I think this is crazy and absolutely ridiculous and i think they either have to fix it or tell customers on their website that they are taking longer than expected or tell them its going to be a week before it even ships. Also my package is still in the Order is being processed phase and i'm completely over it and i want to know when it will ship or ever ship. This is unacceptable in my opinion at least tell your customers actually how long it will take. Absolutely Absurd.


  • I ordered similar items on the 25th, still waiting. Put in a ticket to try and find out something, haven't heard back from them, four days later. I'm fine with it taking longer than expected, but I would like to be kept informed.

  • i order my goods on the 20th sept and today got my tracking number so just hold of few more days i think you get your information soon

  • I ordered goods on 22.09.23 and have still not heard anything. If have sent 3 email over the past week and have had ,zero replies.

  • fanatec's customer service doesnt exist.. dont expect a reply on anything

    either be patient and hope and pray it comes. or refund it and get MOZA


  • thanks for help ,I'm waiting for my tracking number too.It's 7 days after my package has been shipped.

  • Ordered mine on 29th September ,email confirming fully shipped but no tracking number..finally got tracking number and tracked it to say it got sent back to fanatec after emailing ups..completely at a loss as what to do..emailed fanatec but 14 day for a reply like really lol must be 1 guy doing everything there

  • Hi everyone.

    My problem is the same. I have an order since 2 months. I paid a lot, I don't even have a tracking number. I'm very upset. Where is my order. Fanatec has not answered anything, but I have written three emails in the last two weeks. I realized that this problem is a worldwide problem. If I had known that there was such a problem, I would not have ordered it. Any question and advise and communicate with FANATEC ,very very poor.Nothing Any Answer. Why??Anyone solve this problem, or we run for our money. Fanatec or UPS or both rubbish.Where is my order or Money?

    I am very sad.

  • Im on day 88 waiting on my order 1785251 (prev 1740740) now. EXTREAMLY poor handling and customerservice. SOLVE THIS FANATEC!!!

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