more steps for Brakeforce setting with CSL Elite LC

Is there a Reason why the BRF setting can only be adjusted in steps of 10, like 40..50..60

I have the CSL Elite LC Pedal, and i have to use BRF at 50 or 60 depending on the sim and car.
But very often it is like, 50 is to "light" and 60 already to "stiff" 

I have really "bad muscle memory" , it is really hard for me to brake consistently.
I would really like to have steps of 1 or 2 or at least 5  for better finetuning the brakeforce.

Is this possible?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    You can always tweak the in game brake pressure to your liking.
  • I have put elastomers so stiff/took foam away, so pedal only move like 2-4cm and use "70" as setting.
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