Heusinkveld pedals not working with DD1

Hi, just switched to Heusinkveld pedals with DD1, they are connected to PC and appear to work when tested in drivers but when in game the paddles on my F1 wheel work the brake and throttle not the pedals. Any idea on what is wrong?


  • When using other pedals, you have to assign manually the accelerator, brake and clutch in games.

  • Hi Hristo. I am not sure how to do this is it through the men system on the DD1? Anywhere I can get set of instructions? Many thanks

  • This is done in the game itself. Which games do you play?

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • A mouse click on the throttle and then press the throttle pedal, then repeat the same with the other two pedals.

    You also need to reverse the axis be clicking on the arrows, at least that's the case with my pedals.

  • Hristo, that worked perfectly and I am very grateful for your help. Many thanks

  • Glad to help.👍️

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