V3 pedals load cell strength

I recently bought the V3 pedals with the performance kit after having the CSL loadcell for around 1 year, on the CSL I had the brake pressure sensor at around 75 , on the V3 I have it at around 95 for the same perceived pressure, do I have a problem with the V3 ?


  • I had exactly the same when switching from the CSL pedals to the V3 pedals, and it is normal has to do with the design and the location of the shaft that goes to the load cell and also the pedal plate location. The longer/higher the pedal the less force needed to get to 100% if you don't change the shaft to the load cell. On Fanatec pedals the shaft location is not adjustable.

    For some reason Fanatec only specifies the Loadcell rating. But doesn't specify the real force needed on the pedal to get full 100% travel. While both are 90kg load cells the shaft to the load cell and the location of the shaft on the pedal arm determines the real force needed. The closer the shaft to the location you press the higher the needed force. I think the shaft is a bit higher up on the pedal for the CSL that results in that you need a bit more force to get to 100%. You maybe only need somewhere between 35 to 40kg on the V3's and maybe 45kg on the CSL to get to 100%.

    Niels from Heusinkveld has a good video to understand how it works see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEWrTv9t0nM

  • That makes perfect sense, thanks for the reply.

  • That leverage is the problem, could we buy a loadcell with higher value? like 180-200 kg. I lost quiet a lot of modulation with my settings.

    The way i calibrate the brake, is by closing my eye then push the brake pedal until i could feel what i thought in my mind was a 10% light pressure and set minimal value. Same process for the max value, except i max out the limit of the load cell.

    Well although it works great. I lost a big chunk of range of the 4096 step of resolution. Making it quiet jerky.

    Higher rated loadcell will mean that i could extend the range between minimal value and max value, witch in turn extend the modulation range. And i will gladly sacrifice half the resolution, for steps that i could actually use.

  • The load cell is now at 100%, I can easily fully depress the pedal, with the old pedals once I got to 70% I used to struggle to fully press the pedal, I have fitted harder bungs from the performance pack but still a little too easy to fully press, I guess I will try the hardest bungs. Any idea if it is possible to get an updated load cell?

  • I have changed the load cell with a replacement from Fanatec, they are still the same, I have opened the pre loader up which helps with the pressure but I loose the feel I had with the CSL. I can not see a way around it, would be great to find a replacement loadcell of a higher capacity.

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