V3 Performance Kit Tips

Hello guys, I need your help. A couple of months ago I have bought a V3; I had it set to level 5 (the red cylinder on the back of the brake) and 50% of software travel. It felt really hard in the beginning, but recently after adapting to loadcells’ pressures I felt the need for more stiffness: that’s why I went for the V3 Performance kit. Now before I do the installation, since I know the process is quite tricky, even though the additional tool should make it reasonable, I’d like to understand which combination I should be looking for as I’d like to install the kit only once. I don’t want to sacrifice all the travel for some ridiculous stiffness, as a matter of fact I also drive with just my socks on. But I’d also like to make the kit worth the update. Which are, then, your recommendations in terms of kit installation, red cylinder and software travel?

thank you so much


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    It will really come down to personal preference. After quite a few combinations I settled on the PU Foam and 1 Red 13mm.

    If you get a simple workflow it really is quick to change them.

  • Yes, I know. I've started with the PU Foam 13mm green and 13mm red for the medium feeling, which feels already much better than the stock configuration. I wonder why they don't just include this option in the V3. I mean it is a different pedal.

    Thanks for answering :)

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