Clubsport V3 Brake Pedal Not Working

The rumble test function for the brake works. However there is no input when i press the brake down. I was having problems needing to set the min. for the brake as it kept showing the brake being pressed down when I wasn't touching it. This made it impossible to drive in game due to the brake always being pressed down. Now if I set min. nothing happens but if I set the max. it shows the brake fully pressed down at the max level. Sometimes trying to set the max. or min. it will freak out and just flash fully pressed down and no input. I've tried to contact support the last 2 days and keep getting an error when I try to submit it.


  • sounds like a conflict because of a wrong calibration.

    Did you pressed the max button when you had the brake fully pressed with maximum force or did you clicked max when you didnt pressed the pedal?

  • I've tried both ways and still no input when I touch the brake. That happens when I hit the set min.

  • you need to fully press the brake pedal with max force, then click set max. Afterwards you need to take the foot off the brake pedal and click set min. Is that working? If not I would connect them via USB to see how it works via USB connection or remove the manual mode and try the auto calibration mode.

  • I have done what you said with pushing pedal all the way down then set max. Then with foot off pedal I set min. No input still, as soon as I hit the set min. I get the full blue bar as shown in the picture. I've tried using the pedals directly with the usb cable (also doing the auto cal) and same result. No input when I press the pedal and when I set min. it goes full blue bar.

  • Did you resolve this?

    I have the same problem with a new set of V3 pedals, out of the box everything functioned but after an update the brake pedal no longer shows input. I've tried all drivers and firmware available from 311 to 356 with no change to the brake pedal.

  • Rob, no I have not been able to fix the issue. I've tried plugging the pedals directly in the pc through usb and the same issue is present. I unplugged the rj45 cable on the pcb and plugged it back in with same results. I haven't completely taken the brake pedal apart but from what I can see the wiring looks okay. I'm having no luck contacting support. This is disappointing as I have a brand new DD rig that is just sitting there doing nothing.

  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    Hmmm. I wonder if the load cell on the brake is defective. I would take it off and take a look to ensure all the wires are connected, etc.

    Barry at Sim Racing Garage has a review of these pedals and shows how take it off.

  • James, I took the brake pedal apart already and looked at everything. All wiring to the load cell looked to be in good shape. I've been in contact with support and hopefully soon they will get me a repair ticket. I just want to spin some laps lol

  • Out of nowhere I have exactly the same behavior as described above. Did you end up with any kind of resolution? Thanks!

  • Ken, I had to return my pedals for repair. I was never informed of what was wrong but I suspect there was something wrong with the connector on the pcb. I had to pay for shipping but they reimbursed me once they verified there was an issue with the pedals. They have been treating me well since the repair. I did upgrade to the brake performance kit and put the damper on the throttle pedal. I am very pleased with the upgrades lol. Hope you get your set fixed soon!

  • I have a similar issue and can not get in touch with Fanatec. How did you get in touch with them?

  • I am having a similar issue. I had a brand new pair of V3 pedals and they worked perfectly for about 2-3 weeks. Then the break pedal stopped working all of a sudden. I filed a support request through their website today. Fingers crossed, hope Fanatec's customer service is good.

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