No throttle input

Hi, for the past couple of days I’ve found the throttle either sticking or increasing when I’m approaching a corner. Then yesterday I turned it on and have no throttle response at all, in game or in the calibration test. I’ve tried both pc and PS4 and got the same issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also no setup change in last 12 months so it’s not a sliced wire (I don’t think, if it is it has took over a year to break)



  • Which pedal set? If it's the CSL's, try cleaning the pot on the throttle. You can buy potentiometer cleaner that sprays into the pot and removes gunk, etc. and lubricates it (Caig DeOxit is really good for this kind of thing).

    If it's the CS V3's, they use a hall sensor. There are tips on the site somewhere about how to ensure the sensor is lined up correctly. If you don't really use the clutch, you can swap the sensors on the throttle and clutch to verify if one the sensors is bad.

    I don't have the V3's, but if the cables are long enough, swap the plugs (clutch to throttle, throttle to clutch) and see if depressing the clutch moves the throttle in the properties page. If so, your throttle sensor is either bad or misaligned. At that point you can swap the actual sensors so you have your throttle back. Fanatec should be able to sell you a new sensor.

    Hope this helps.

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