V3 Fanatec pedals Cylinder problem


i have a problem with my brake pedals on iracing. I’ts about the red cylinder, when the strength level of the pedal is at 2 or less everything is ok but when I want to go towards 5, the problem is getting bigger and bigger, the pedal start to brake on his own and i can not do anything...

if someone knows how to fix it I would be really happy !

thank you very much


  • Once you adjust the pre-load (red cylinder) you have to manually calibrate the pedals. Are you doing that?

  • HI Guy's,

    I don't have receive my V3 yet but every where I have read that if you have an load cell brake pedal system you must put the strength level at 0.

    I hope test tomorrow and back you...

    Nice day everyone and stay healthy!

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