Vibration motors not working, NEW pedals

New CSW v2.5, v3 pedals, BMW wheel, Shifter SQ. Driver 347 installed. Everything works great except the vibration motors on the throttle/brake. I've checked wires, plugs, motors rotate by hand, so free spinning. Nothing in the Wheel Properties, no motor spinning. I've plugged the pedals in direct to USB, same thing.

Not sure I care too much, but you know how it is after you just dropped $1600USD on something......

Tom Hesselman


  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
    edited April 2020

    So they don't work in the properties tab? I would send a support request to fanatec.

  • No, they don't work in the properties tab!! The least of my worries, though, now my shifter won't work either, so for THAT, I did send a support request.

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