CSP V3 Compatible Load Cell?

I might have a load cell problem on my V3 pedals but before I go under my desk and check, I wanted to know the purchase price of a new Load Cell, I can't seem to find this on Fanatec website, I have found the load cell for the v2 pedals but this is not Compatible with the v3 :( Can some please help with this please, I have been searching the website for ages and can't find it

Thank you



  • Contact Support. They are not listed on the website like the the V1 and 2 pedals, but they should be able to send your one. If you are still in the warranty period, it shouldn't cost you anything (perhaps shipping?).

  • AH! No wonder, I thought I missed seeing it ...It seems I do have a load cell problem :)

    Thanks James for your help :)


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