Pedal Vibrations working on iRacing now

I bought the V3 pedals last summer realizing the vibration won’t work with iRacing. After my Club Sport V2.5 came back from service last month. I logged in to iRacing and found out that I need to install a big update. While racing I felt the gas pedal vibrating when the car oversteered! Tested the brakes and it vibrates when the front tires are locking up. Horaaaay! I don’t understand how it suddenly started to work now. Their is no mention of it from Fanatec or iRacing. The base came back with the beta driver, so I don’t know if it’s the new driver/firmware or a change from iRacing. I love that it works now. Specially for over steering, saves so may possible spins. I just don’t understand why it is working!! Any one noticed it or has an explanation?


  • I think it would have to be an update from iRacing. In the past they didn't allow it, as there was some kind of cheat that could potentially be used with it. I'm on V2's, but my 3's should be here on Monday. I will check it out. Thanks.

  • Yeah I remember reading about that. Fanatec would have to take advantage of the new iRacing available date to send to the pedals thought. I’m curious to hear about your experience once you receive them.

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    Is vibration still working for everyone? It worked for me yesterday, but today when I logged into iRacing I realized I had lost it... :/

    P.S. I have do not have Fanaleds installed

  • I just received today a new podium DD1 base. Pedal vibration is still working with it.

  • P.S I also tested it with drier 356 and FanaLab 1.23 and it works.

    This feature is such a differentiator for me! I wouldn't consider moving to other pedals just because of the vibrations in the throttle.

  • I cannot get the pedals to vibrate - any ideas on what needs to be done. I have done a full update on all equipment - Clubsport 2.5 and Pedals are V3. The steering vibrates but not the pedals.

  • David ,

    Did you ever get your vibration fixed? If so tell me what you did i have the same set up cs 2.5 / v3 and mine don't work either. Been road racing this week and really wished this worked.

  • Mine don't rumble either in iRacing. Anyone got it to work?

  • Did anyone figure out what needs to be done to get vibration to work in iracing? Mine has never worked. Sure wish they did

  • It doesn't work with all the cars. The skip barber 2000 car works all the time. When it stops working, I go to the driver and test the vibrate, some how that seems to restart the functionality and get it back to work. I also have FanaLeds installed, which is probably what makes it work with this car.

  • I race the nascar cars have you ever tried it on them

  • No I don't do any of the oval racing. I can confirm that it doesn't work with Porsche GT4. I didn't test with many cars. My league switch between a few cars

  • Wonder if fanatec knows the answer to my question or maybe contact iracing I guess . I would be great on road course and short tracks

  • Thx for your help

  • Yeah it drove me mad at first and suddenly it started working. I think it's probably because I joined the league and used that car. I couldn't find any information. I'm a software engineer my self and thought of writing the driver for it, but couldn't find much on Fanatec dev support.

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