Project Cars 2 + DD1= not working

I switched from the CSL Elite to a DD1, since then i cannot use the wheel in PC2. I can use it in the menu but when i try to calibrate it or set the steering it just does not register. tried in 2.5 mode and in normal pc mode. i'am using the porsche rsr wheel. Other games work fine, tried deleting my controller profile but still nothing and also the buttons are all messed up, i think shift down is 4 now and shift up is 5, before it was 5 and 6.

Running Pc Driver 402, Wheelbase 684


  • Have not played PC2 recently, but if I remember correctly button numbering in project cars 2 starts from zero. Also before wheel calibration, when mapping the wheel axis turn the wheel more, and then on return to center it should get assigned.

  • I would love some help on this as well

  • Me too - this is very odd - it USED to work for me and now it doesn't - many £ down the drain with PC2 DLC :(

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