Best round wheel for CSL DD (CSL or CSW?)


I have been using a CSW 2.5 with a ClubSport hub and a generic wheel (320mm) , that weighs about 2kg.

I was wondering if it will be fine with the CSL DD (8 Nm) compared to, for example, a CSL rally that weighs about 1kg.

Furthermore, I am also worried about the simplified quick release of the rally wheel, as I experienced a slight play when used with my Mc laren V2.

In addition, I was told that my clubsport hub would not accept the future QR, even though I don't really understand its purpose.

Would you suggest selling my clubsport hub to buy a rally wheel?



  • I have an CSL DD withe the 8nm boost kit. I am using an Mclaren V2 with the simple quick release and its working great. I noticed no flex during driving. Also I have an Clubsport universal hub for xbox with the R330 wheel around 2kg in weight. I was using that one for racing while waiting for my mclaren wheel. It is very usable and the 8nm is strong enough for the wheel. Off course the mclaren wheel being a lot lighter is more noticeable with the subtle force feedback, but the universal hub with an round wheel is perfectly usable for me at least.

    Hope it helps a little bit :)

  • The plastic QR's are weak and have flexing. I will not use any rims without the metal QR.......I use the BMW GT2 and McLaren V2 rims mainly.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I settled by using my Clubsport universal hub for xbox combined with a 300mm karting wheel. It weights 1750g. I saw a BMW GT2 wheel for sale but I resisted the urge to buy it as it is a bit heavier 2200).

    My Clubsport universal hub for xbox also has some lateral flex that I mentioned to Fanatec. I did not return it as it is not that terrible and I did not want additional delays.

    I read somewhere that the quick release for Clubsport universal hub for xbox can be removed and eventually replaced even it is not as simple as with the new ones.

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