my endurance does not show on update firmware . and the wheel led screen show steering wheel not supported . please update firmware . Any help would be greatly appreciated .

firmware : 415

wheelbase : 686

base motor: 40

steering wheel wireless: QR 6


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Which wheelbase are you using? Try starting the wheel base first without the wheel attached, add the wheel, then open Fanalab.

  • David MeakinDavid Meakin Member
    edited October 2021


    I have this issue, followed your advice and the issue still persists.

    Are you having website issues as i can't access your site to download firmware.

  • 😕 UPDATE ; I sent my hub and endurance in for repairs 3 times . this is the third time sending it in for repairs . I asked to have my hub and endurance module replaced . Hopefully they will have both unit replace for new ones . I actually really like the set up . but i can't say much for your repair service . In all times that i send my equipment in for repair their is minum , communication . All i get is that they have received it . theirs is no email when its sent back or any update on the service performed. The first 2 times they just replaced the endurance . Hopefully the 3 time the charm . They really need to work on the return process . Its alot to be desired . Also email communication needs to be addressed . they are falling behind in customer service .

  • Luis,

    how did you inquire or initiate the return process for repair? I'm having a "bricking issue" with my DD1 and I suspect I will need to send it in for repair. Any info you can share would be most helpful.

  • go to support page you can email them or call . expect to be without your dd1 for about 2 weeks or more. you will receive a RMA # .and a tracking # . GL it's not the best return experience , they won't be sending much of an update . you will receive unit repaired or exchange at door doorstep . With no email telling you it was sent back or what was done.

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