f1 2021 no longer starts from the steering wheel and also the degrees between the steering wheel and

Hi Fanatec, as can be seen from the video the game does not start from the steering wheel .. I use an xboxonex with csw 2.5 base and mclaren steering wheel but everything turns out to have a conflict only with f1 2021 for about 4 days. the drivers installed in the peripheral are 4.15 and the game is updated to the latest patch ...
I also point out that the degrees do not correspond absolutely between the game and the steering wheel settings and you have to put the steering wheel at 900 degrees without limit, which never happened because in the past it was enough to put 360 both for gaming and steering wheel. How to solve these serious problems that do not allow you to play ... are unacceptable things and you must respond as soon as possible and find a solution.

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