F1 2020 - virtual steering wheel flickers

Hey people,

I finally have my equipment completely, unfortunately today I noticed that I have a small problem with F1 2020. The virtual steering wheel flickers or vibrates on curbs or bumps. I'm not sure, but I don't think I had this problem with my G25. It just bothers me because I like to have the virtual and the sim steering wheel in one row. I don't have the problem with AC and ACC. Maybe someone knows how I can fix this? Fanalab settings are the same like AC and ACC.



Formula V2.5

Thanks in advance


  • I just arrived my CSL DD with formula v2.5 and noticed the excact same thing... Very annoying.

  • Use comp mode. Notice, the wheel must be in comp mode too for working LEDs and ingame FanaLed must be disabled in telemetry options.

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