F1 2021 CSL DD issue

Hello Everyone,

I received my CSL DD with 8nm boost kit today. I predominately race with F1 2021. Upon starting a lap I was greeted with violent wheel shake. I noticed in Fanatec's FAQ that they have recommended settings for F1 21 and my wheel base. I applied these settings and the wheel shake is gone. Unfortunately I have a new issue, there is zero communication. Steering is completely numb, no real resistance and no force feedback. I have tried adjusting my in game settings and raising FFB does nothing. For comparison sake I tried F1 2020, neither the wheel shake nor numb steering was present. Does anyone else have this issue on F1 2021? Is there a resolution to my issue?


SEN 2520

FF 100

FFS Peak

NDP 25




FEI 100

BLI User Preference

SHO 100

BRF User Preference

In-Game Settings:

Vibration & Force Feedback: On

Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 60

On Track Effects: 10

Rumblestrip Effects: 20

Off Track Effects: 20

Wheel Damper: 10

Understeer Enhance: Off

Maximum Wheel Rotation: 360


CSL DD with 8nm boost kit

Clubsport Pedals V2

Clubsport Formula V2 wheel with podium paddles

Clubsport Shifter v1.5.

Thank you for the help!


  • Pawel DomzalPawel Domzal Member
    edited November 2021

    change sen to 320, or hoe toy like it. 360 is 1-1 ratio but most of drivers ive seen on a dd use 310-360 degrees of rotation (sen)

  • Hello,

    if you are playing on console, I experience the same issue. The workaround was to switch the game from performance mode to quality mode. You lose the 120fps but the wheel feeling is better!

  • Paul SpinneyPaul Spinney Member
    edited November 2021

    I have this issue on Series X when I first start the game with the wheel turned on. Either don't power on the wheel until the game is launched or just power down the wheel and turn it back on again in game and it should work. Performance mode should also work.

  • Have you tried quitting the game when on the Xbox Home screen? Highlight the game, select menu and then Quit. I'm waiting for my CSL SS to be delivered tomorrow but I still have to quit the game (Quick Resume bug) to enable my Logitech wheel to have FF.

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