[Resolved] Didnt get the QR1 that was supposed to be free with my BMW GT2 V2..


Right now I'm sitting here with a useless DD1+BMW GT2 V2+Kill switch because the QR1 that was supposed to be free with my wheel was never sent.

I actually sent an email because my order and I mention there that I thought it was weird I only had 3 packages coming and was told not to worry but now my weekend is basically ruined. lol

Has this ever happened to anyone.


  • They replied


    Thanks for reaching out!

    Unfortunately, due to a bug in our system the QR was not part of the order.

    I have therefore manually created an order for it, which will be transferred to our warehouse and shipped via Express to you.

    anyone know how express works? like how fast it is compared to normal? The current order was shipped monday and got delivered thursday so I'm guessing it will be much quicker hopefully ..

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