Anyone GT DD PRO availability date amended by Fanatec

I ordered the basic bundle at US shop with availability date date of 7 Feb 2022. However, a few hours later when I check the order status, they changed the availability date to 14 March 2022 without any notice. Anyone have the same case?


  • Yeah I was debating what to include in my order last night. And noticed the Premium bundle went from Feb 9th to March 14th. Its possible they will have allotments. Like the first batch filled up and the date pushes forward for the next batch. Or in getting things up for black friday they made an oops and changed it. Either way, we will get it when we do. :)

  • My delivery date here in the United States says March 22nd now. I just hope we get our gear before the game is released.

  • Hola Fanatec,solo queria comentar un pequeño matiz,pongan tambien Fanatec traducido al Español,por favor,estoy seguro que ganarian muchos mas seguidores..

    y otra cosilla,haber si envian los pedidos GT DD PRO”PREMIUN”… POR FAVOR❤️

    lo necesito!!!

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