Is my CSL DD in 8nm mode

Hi there,

is there a way to check if my CSL DD is running in the 8 nm mode (with boost kit) ?

Someone at reddit wrote that you can see it in the control panel but I cant find anything.

Thanks in advance :)


  • Open the Driver UI and see if the Boost Kit 180 Logo is shown on the bottom right below the CSL DD name.

  • Ok thats interesting. I have the boost kit but no logo in the UI. That explains why I always had the feeling the something was off with the ffb strength. What would be a fix here? Do a clean reinstall of all fanatec drivers, firmware etc.?

    And if that doenst work send in my power supply?

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    Update your drivers to see it.........

    It was added in 415 and most recent driver is 431. You are on an ancient old driver 411 which did not had that feature implemented.

    After you installed 431 you should see the logo.

  • Will do thanks mate

  • ahh... changelog in 415 says...

    Added BoostKit detection for CSL DD. Boost kit logo will be shown on the wheel base page if in use.

    Any chance you can update your firmware. You are using 411.

    Manual will have recommended steps to install driver and firmware. Just do not have anything running in the background of your pc (or do anything else with your pc) when installing and updating.

    Reboot pc too before updating firmware.

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