GT DD Pro doesn’t work since the last F1 Update

Hey Guys,

i just received my new GT DD Pro and played some F1 2021. Unfortunately I can’t do anything in F1 2021 since the update yesterday.

Did someone have the Same problem? Other games e.g. GT Sports works well.


  • YES. I have the same exact problem with my DD Pro on my PS5 . I just put my DD Pro together last night on Friday 12/10. I ran GT Sport flawlessly, went to F1 2021 and the Options button doesn’t do anything. I push it and nothing. I didn’t know F 1 got an update to be honest, but I have F1 2019 as well and it worked without issue as the Options button is what has to be pushed to launch my. Game after starting it and there is nothing. 2019 works but that year sucks compared to 2021. I can’t find a button layout in owners manual or anything. Have You? I’ve pushed everything that can be pushed and getting nothing for 2021. Also, ACC and AC feel like almost no FF, but ACC wasn’t good before on my T300 but AC was. Help Us Please

  • Hi guys, are you running the wheelbase in PS compatibility mode? Pretty sure the current F1 game doesn’t currently have compatibility with the DD Pro. That’s how I got it to work anyway

  • Duncan is right, you need to put the wheelbase in compatibility mode (purple light), click the home button on the wheel to register the wheel, then select your psn profile and finally open the F1 game

  • Does force feedback work? Because I have the game on PC and for the life of me I can not get the force feedback to work and I'm tempted just to buy it on PS5 if the force feedback works on there.....

  • I have the same exact issue. Wheel is useless for F1 2021 and it workef perfectly before the last update. And ofcourse we use the ps5 comp mode, orherwise the wheel wouldn’t even be recognised and you would not be logged on to your console. coming from a t-gt2 it’s so frustrating as I saw this as an upgrade… fix it fanatec!

  • I have no problem at all, everything works fine on my F1 2021 PS5 + DD Pro, make sure you have the last firmware versions on your wheel base and motor.

  • Same problem. I played F1 2021 with my wheel, and now that it's all updated, I can't play the game with the wheel at all.

  • Edit- looks like not turning the wheel on until in-game and setting it to purple helped.

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