CSL DD Compatibility Mode Vs PC Mode and LEDs

Hello folks, its my first time to post on the Fanatec forums.

So I have a CSL DD with Club sport Pedals V3 and the Clubsport Formula V2.5 wheel.

I have two issues:

PC Mode:

The game works in PC mode but the LEDs dont light up, I have googled this and several people have reported same, others say you have to turn on the option in the F12021 settings, others say use Fanalab etc etc.

Does anyone have any definitive information on this please? Or do I still have to use Compatibility mode to use the LEDs on the wheel?

In game settings:

For some reason, when using PC mode, it detects the controller as a keyboard picture on the F12021 settings screen, everything else runs fine but it shows the input as a keyboard. Whereas in Comp mode, it shows it as a wheel (wheel logo).

Any ideas or just ignore?

Thank you all.


  • Ignore. All CMP mode does is change the USB ID so that the computer recognizes the wheel as a CSW 2.5, which will allow things to function properly (e.g. rev lights) until game developers update their games to recognize the CSL DD natively.

  • Got it, thanks Gregg, appreciate it.

    Out of interest, what games do support the PC mode?

    Also what are the disadvantages of using Comp. mode at the moment? Are we losing out anything not being run in PC mode?

  • AFAIK the modes are identical. Only difference is the USB ID. Does make you wonder though, why include PC mode at all, if everything needs CMP mode at least initially...? I'm just telling you what I've seen stated by Fanatec reps here in this forum.

    I don't know if there's a list of games somewhere...I pretty much just run everything in CMP and forget about it.

  • Cheers Gregg, understood.

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