Late Brake Input (Fanatec V3 Pedals)

Hey guys!

i installed my V3 Pedals today. Everything seems to be working fine. In the Fanatec Control Panel, every mm of input is detected. However, in F1 2021, there is no brake detection in the first 10-15mm of movement. Meaning i have to push the brakes alot further in order to get any breaking.

Can someone help? Thanks in advance :)


  • If everything looks fine in the control panel, you can pretty much rule out hardware and driver problems. But you should probably check you set the dead zone correct in the control panel, try the manual setting instead of the automatic one. Also, try re-mapping the control in game, sometimes that helps.

  • Hey, thanks for the answer. Dead zone is at 0 so that is out of the way. I just noticed that F1 starts noticing my Throttle after 10-15mm aswell...

  • Okay, so putting the CSL DD in Compatability Mode, fixed everything..

  • 我也遇到了相同的问题,我的基座是ddpro,在pc mode下会出现跟你相同的问题,兼容模式就修复了

  • I also encountered the same problem, my base is ddpro, the same problem as you will appear in pc mode, the compatibility mode is fixed

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