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I am new to Fanatec, I ordered parts and the order now states the order is processed.

Could somebody tell me what exactly that means, I have tried to get an answer from Fanatec but it could take me two day’s to get an answer to this question.

I have not received any update telling me when I will receive the parts or any tracking number to say they have been dispatched.

Seems Fanatec have a really strange procedure.

I’m UK Based


  • Normally means the items have been made ready for shipping, but are still waiting in the Fanatec warehouse to be picked up by UPS. Normally when UPS picks them up you will receive T&T info via mail. Also normally you get T&T info the same day as items are processed, but maybe to many packages and a to small UPS Truck to pickup everything in one go.

    I'm in the same boat, ordered on 29 Dec with all ready to ship. No updates till this monday that items are processed. But no T&T or info from UPS yet. Hope we will get it soon.

  • You're lucky guys !! I have to wait for March 14.. :'( + waiting times for shipping and delivery..

    I'm going crazy!!

  • Wayne, first time order here also from UK.

    Ordered my GT DD PRO EXPRESS on first of this month, yesterday i received the ' your order will be shipped soon email, warehouse are preparing your shipment'

    On same day my account on here has gone from 'order in process' to 'order has been processed'

    I think now its waiting to be collected and shipped.

    I believe they are held at a warehouse in china, air freight to Germany, then to our



  • Thank you all for your comments, I’ll give them until Friday and if not informed by then will cancel the order and go to a competitor for a completely new set up and sell all my Fanatec Equipment.

    I think it’s very bad business practice to leave there customers in the dark, they have been paid so I suppose they don’t care. Unfortunately for Fanatec I was going to order a new DD2 and a couple of new wheels but if this is the service I can expect to receive in the future I will definitely be purchasing elsewhere.

    How long does it take to put Brake Pedal parts for my V3 inverted pedals and a PCB Board in a box and put them in the post. Two weeks is not exeptable, plus the time to get it delivered to me, I can’t use my Sim because of the PCB Board that has failed.

    Interesting what you are saying about parts coming from China Dean, I thought Fanatec was a German company, that’s was the main reason I chose Fanatec in the first place.

    COME ON FANATIC TRY AND GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER . (If you care about your customer base that is)

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel your order once it reaches Processed state. I've tried that, been on the same boat, it took them two weeks to actually ship it. When asked to cancel my order since it was supposed to be a Christmas gift and they promised it will be delivered by Christmas I got a response it is technically impossible, and I can refuse the delivery if I want to.

    In all fairness they were displaying a popup at the end of December when you add anything to the cart (at least in US), that nothing will be shipped before January 12. But they shouldn't change the status if they were not going to ship it for two weeks.

  • From the date 'order is processed',

    I receive my tracking details about 3-4 days later,

    Paid VAT + handling fee,

    Received parcel 10 days. UK.

    You have to tell yourself this is how it works. Or just get a simucube. Similarly priced to a DD1/2.

    I wanted a CSL DD and so no competitor out there... 🙄

  • Wayne, i believe China scenorio is related to the GT DD PRO EXPRESS bundle, your kit may differ.

    Sit tight, will be worth the wait im sure.

  • Just thought I would give an update on my order being delivered. It’s now 5day’s saying that my orders have been processed, I have not received any update from Fanatec or received any emails from UPS.

    Complete Simucube system being ordered if I don’t get any update by close of business today.

    I have the following that will be For Sale

    V3 Inverted Pedals (Waiting for upgrade kit and load cell )

    CSL Elite Base (Waiting for PCB Board)



    All in very good condition apart from CSL Elite Requiring PCB Board.

    I love these components and do not really want to move away from Fanatec, but there customer and after sales service along with delivery times is disgusting . Shame really as I was about to order the DD2 Base along with a couple of new Steering Wheels. So Simucube Approx £4,000 Fanatec £00000000000 and Fanatec don’t really seem bothered after chat line discussion earlier this week. Buyers beware they don’t care and are incapable of obtaining 100% satisfaction from there customers.

  • Wayne, i had an Email this morning from UPS saying my delivery is due Tuesday 18th complete with tracking number.

    My 'processed' status on account was on the 10th and still says 'processed'

  • HI Dean thanks for keeping me up to date, you should be working for Fanatec in customer service as you are far more helpful than the staff I have had the displeasure of dealing with.

    I’ve had enough of them now, terrible company to deal with, got my old Thrustmaster system up and running for the week-end until my new Simucube Set up arrives next week.

    Had a long chat on the chat line Wednesday, they were putting the blame on UPS, I told them I was going to purchase a Simicube rig if I hadn’t heard from them today by close of business. Basically there attitude was OK that’s your choice, yes it is, and I have now made that choice.

    I could have picked my order and boxed it up ready to post faster than it’s taken me to write all of these comments on this forum. I could have even dropped it off for delivery if you include the time trying to contact and get an answer from them.

    Good luck to current and future Fanatec user’s YOUR’LL NEED IT WHEN YOU ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM

  • Dean,

    If you don't mind me asking can I ask when you made your order as I also received the same update on Monday 10th morning but had nothing from UPS yet.


  • Hi Martin I placed my order on 2nd January.

    Strange system they have in place I think, surely Fanatec should email us directly when orders are dispatched being as we are there customer not UPS

  • Hi Wayne,

    Okay so you would’ve ticked the same box I had to when ordering to acknowledge there will be no orders sent out before the 12th?

    Was just curious as to when Dean placed his order as there’s obviously going to be some kind of back log of getting completed orders out the warehouse! Just trying to gauge how long it might be before I get the UPS email.

    Have you had yours now?

  • Hi Martin,

    I placed the order GT DD PRO EXPRESS on 1/1/22.

    Nothing seemed to progress, so I chased on the 7th, they responded saying they are doing the inventory until the 12th, so should get movement around then.

    On the the 10th I had email saying warehouse is processing, account status changed to 'processed'

    This evening I had another email from UPS asking me to pay the VAT... easy to do with the links on email.

    I think this time of year, there will be slight delays. Happy with my service so far.

    What have you ordered Martin?

  • Hi Dean,

    Nice one thanks for the detail! I know it’ll get here when it gets here but always nice to have some sort of idea.

    I also received the same email on the 10th and the order on my account changed to ‘processed’ later that evening. I didn’t place my order until the 6/01 though so I’m assuming there’s a lot of orders sat waiting to be collected, hopefully will see my UPS email early next week in that case 🤞 hope you see yours at your door soon enough too.

    I’ve ordered the DD1, Formula V2.5 wheel and V3 pedals. My cockpit is all setup and my monitor is mounted so I can’t tell you how excited I am to receive that email 😂

  • Martin,

    Nice, sounds like your set up is gonna be great, fair play, I can imagine your chomping at the bit and eager to see those updating emails.

    My set up is a bit more simple for now, FS3 track racer wheel stand, 55" TV and a normal chair. It will do to start with and will upgrade when the 'games room' is sorted.

    I'm sure yours isn't too far away.

  • Dean,

    Feel like I’m updating the app every time I open my phone at the moment 🤣

    That still sounds like a decent setup and I bet you can’t wait to have an entire room dedicated to it, that’s the dream.


  • Dean

    You seem to have had the luck of the draw with your order.

    In my case, Friday came and went without any communication.

    So the update is, a complete change of plan for me, going to order complete new system hopefully tomorrow, will end up spending a lot more than I previously planned as I’m changing the rig, computer and monitors the complete set up.Not going to see much change out of £8000 when I’ve done unfortunately, but at 63 years old I might as well spend the childrens inheritance and have some fun with it, the Grandchildren will end up with anyway I expect.

    UK company will be my supplier so will be much less stressful when getting any problems.(And the best thing is I can actually talk to somebody on a phone} They will even come and carry out the installation for me. Going to there showroom hopefully tomorrow so that I can try out try out some different set ups before deciding on my final sim.

    I hope you get plenty of enjoyment your system when it arrives.

  • Sorry to hear that Wayne, I hope you find everything you wish for with your new setup.

    Just an update to anyone who might be reading the forum for the same query as me.

    Today I received an email from UPS in the early hours of the morning saying I had import tax due to pay, once I had done this I can now see my order will be delivered on Weds 19/01. I can also see that the label was produced and shipped on 14/01, the same day as Dean’s although I never received an email confirming this. Although I do agree this is strange that I didn’t hear anything up until now, I don’t really think Fanatec are too blame. Either way, after spending all weekend wondering when I’ll see my order, I’ll now be on my new setup very soon!

    Enjoy guys

  • Wayne, the procedure was all good for me, my parcel has just been delivered, looking forward to getting stuck in tonight.

    Sorry yours didnt meet your expectations, sounds like your feeling more confident with your new decision.

    So i ordered on 1/1/22

    On the 10/1 the ordered changed to warehouse dealing with order/ processed.

    (They do explain they are doing the inventory until the 12th and shipments are unlikely until then.)

    Instruction to pay VAT on 14/1

    Delivered 9.30AM on the 18/1

    Martin....... your nearly there.

  • Good luck with that Awesome looking Gt4 wheel they have and the outrageous prices of.pedals/rims/anything.... Fanatec by far has best looking rims. And customer service has always been good to me. We just had a shipping boat blocking a canal for how long and it's holidays. Shipping sucks... I have 5 weeks til my DD gets here

    Everything else I ordered alrdy arrived. I'm glad to wait. It's not like people don't complain about every wheel base company somewhat.

  • And I thought I was a bit impatient. I ordered my stuff on 29 Dec and it just shipped out on 25 Feb.

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