Clipping ffb in f1 2021, Csl elite ps4 wheelbase

I’m curious to know other peoples experience with clipping and ffb level in f1 2021.(ps4-pro)

when my wheel is set to ffb 100 and Fei 20, and in-game ffb to 78, my feedback feels nice and dynamic during races. But in quali or TT its very heavy and almost no difference/dynamic feel between corners, like it’s clipping all the time. It gets better if I lower in-game ffb to around 60-65, but then the ffb feels very light and almost none existent during the race. I know it’s suposed to be a big difference between quali vs. full fuel race. But the difference is too big and i can’t seem to find a good balance/compromice.

Have anyone of you experienced something similar/same and found a good solution or balance? Or have I missed something?

I have kinda long time simracing experience and had similar problems with other games both on ps4 (gts, acc) and pc (iracing mostly), but always found a good/decesnt balance after enough experimenting and tweaking. But f1 2021 is on a whole new level and is making me question my sanity, trying to figure out if it’s a problem with my settings or if it’s a problem with the game itself. (I have latest fanatec beta driver + fw installed).

I know the f1 games isn’t the best with physics or ffb. But I enjoy the league racing part of it too much to abandon all hope.


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