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Hello everyone. Just wondering how long you guys are waiting between "Order Processed" to receiving tracking information these days? I ordered the GT DD Pro Premium in December and it was charged at that time, and showed "Order Processed" 1 week ago. Still no tracking info. I'm in Canada.

I've tried the online chat yesterday and was assured that I would get tracking info yesterday, and if not, to contact them again today. I didn't get anything and contacted them again today via online chat, and was just given a copy and paste answer. No one really being helpful at all. Also sent an email to them yesterday but haven't gotten a reply (I understand that may take a couple days).

So just wondering how long you guys are seeing between "Order Processed" and receiving Tracking Information these days? Thank you in advance.


  • My order was about 2 days for tracking info.

  • Same,two days, but still hasn't moved. Only label was sent to FedEx

  • I am in the United States and it shipped from California about 1 day after I got my tracking numbers. Fed Ex only scanned 2 of the four but i did receive all 4 items

  • MY ORDER WAS ON THE 9TH OF JAN......still waiting.........😣😫

  • sorry guys for got to put am from the UK order was on the 9th of Jan and am still waiting....😣😫

  • Mine was the black Friday preorder in November, Fanatec is trying to get all the early orders shipped first on the gt dd . I am happy to be getting it before the march 14th quote on availability.

  • I received tracking info on 24th. It was picked up on 25th and originally scheduled for delivery on the 7th. It recently was updated for delivery on the 4th, in time for GT7!

  • Thanks guys. I just received my tracking yesterday. Still hasn't moved.

  • Other company has no problem shipping products to Canada via UPS. Can Fanatec improve on this area and not pointing fingers to UPS?

  • If I ordered a GT DD Pro now...

    ( ) I wonder when I would actually receive it in the USA? Hard to figure out. Would it be weeks or months?🤔 It says "ready to ship" but is that actually true? Also wondering about customers average shipping time to USA.

  • Anyone from Canada recently get their tracking number(s)? Have the premium bundle GTDDPRO ordered. Received 4 tracking numbers on March 1st, so I assume 4 packages were scheduled to come. But only 1 tracking # shows USPS receipt on March 3. As of today (March 7) the other 3 tracking labels are still being displayed as printed only. Anyone else have similar experience? Is it possible that everything is shipped under 1 label? I tried reaching out to Fanatec but no response.

  • I have all 4 tracking moving. But they're moving in circles. March 3rd and today (match 7) shows the same thing... Fanatec shipping is a joke!

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    3 of my tracking #'s only show:

    and that's it.

    I never received a response from emailing Fanatec. I tried their live chat last night and they claim that all packages were sent.

  • Love their product. But it's always their shipping. No other companies I've ever dealt with is CONSISTENTLY bad at shipping. For the amount we pay I think at least we should get some better shipping options or at least the option to upgrade shipping. Oh well. Guess we just have to roll over and take it.

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    My order went “the order has been processed” on the 1st of March. 10 days later and I’ve heard nothing more. No notice of it being shipped and no tracking number.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had such an experience with any other purchase. I don’t understand why it would take so long from having been processed to shipped.

    I’m in Australia. I understand that there are pandemic related delays but I’ve recently had other things shipped via Australia Post from other companies and have had no delays.

  • I waited 11 days from "Order Processed" to getting tracking info on March 1st. Then 10 days after that, it's still circling around where it started. Absolutely ridiculous and Fanatec only puts the responsibility on the couriers.

  • I live in NY and ordered on March 5th (Sat.) and it was delivered March 13 (Sun). Was delivered via FedEx on the sixth business day. And there was a giant snow storm to deal with. I say not too bad.

    Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm)

  • Lucky you that you're not in Canada. Still waiting after 2 weeks to get to the Canadian border.

  • Canadian delivery here. 3 tracking numbers for the CSL DD Pro. One says it has been delivered (it hasn’t). One has been stuck in customs for days. And the last one is stuck in some sort of weird processing loop at distribution/processing facilities in Los Angeles for 2 weeks. …. My patience is wearing thin…

  • Ordered V3 pedals 14 Mar 2022 10:14:00, it was set to 'processed' within 24h. Still no tracking number.

  • Just got my tracking number now. :)

  • I just received my wheel kit today (Toronto). But CSL pedal and boost kit adapter still only shows it traveling in the USA. All shipping labels printed March 1st.

  • This is just pathetic. March 22 now and still waiting for something that shipped out March 1st. I swear, it's only fanatec. I want to blame USPS but all other items get delivered promptly.

  • Yeah it's pretty annoying. I wouldn't expect this with the prices paid. Also, from the time the label was printed and physically shipped is ridiculous. For a 'premium' bundle it doesn't feel very premium to me. Feels like an afterthought as they slap parts together and then ship whenever they feel like it. What happened to the email stating every thing ships only at the same time? It's poorly marketed and executed. I hope they take people's feedback on here and try to improve because this isn't how you keep customers. I have also noticed that the warranty started on the date of purchase, which was last December. Have already emailed them about that.

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    After spending approx. $300 on shipping alone- It is troubling the 'all-over-the-place' nature of the delivery process. I ordered on Feb 27th. It shipped from Fanatec on March 10th and I received One of 9 packages today- the wheelslide. It looks like I may be receiving the DD1 and clubsport pedals tomorrow (fingers crossed)- But the 2 wheels, universal hub, shifter and e-brake are still 'In-transit' somewhere in the US with no delivery date in sight. Will it ever be frustrating to have the base and pedals, but with no means of using it. The last update from the other deliveries was on March 15th.

    I trust the process and know that it will arrive- but for $300 USD in shipping- come on man- you can do better, especially considering I ordered my NLR GT Track cockpit from the US and received it in 4 days for significantly less cost.

  • Similar experience for me in Canada... ordered the Boxing Day Wheel and the CSL LC pedal... site showed "Shipped" in early February, but took forever to actually ship, and then the package spent 3+ weeks circling the Los Angelas area according to the USPS tracking. Not sure if that is Fanatec/Endor or the USPS... but for $40 shipping, it should have been express-shipped via UPS/FedEx. As a point of comparison, I ordered something from the UK and got it 3 days later (for $20 shipping).

  • Just got my last box on March 29th. Emailed and asked them to update my warranty.

    They changed it all to February 22, shipping labels were printed on March 1st and the items didn't physically get accepted by USPS until March 8.

    They claim Feb 22 is when the invoice was printed. So I've lost over a month's warranty already. This is how this company operates. To each their own, but this is the last time I buy from this company.

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