Other wheels than standard support in GT7

After I could finally play GT7, watched the mandatory intro and played the Music rally, I went straight to the options page and looked for the mapping screen so I could map the extra buttons, switches and rotaties of my V2 2020 LE wheel. To my horror I saw a similar page that GT Sport has, with just the standard wheel delivered with the Elite + or the GT DD Pro. Does this mean, that we are still not able to use the extra buttons that come with the alternative wheels from Fanatec in GT7? Thought with the partnership, we would get full support for all Fanatec has to offer in terms of wheels. If not, this would be a major let down.


  • I think it’s down to Polyphony Digital but really disappointed in this as well.

  • It’s even worse - more of the buttons on the club sport formula wheel are unusable compared to GT sport

  • So not only is it a status quo, but we are getting worse support in newer games? Maybe PD should go back to partnering with other companies, maybe then we get the support of all hardware. It is mindbogling that F1 20xx and ACC have full support of what the wheels can throw at them on Playstation and the only game Fanatec partners with, has the most basic of basic support of them all. :S

    But what really bugs me, is that Fanatec is keeping quiet about it. No information about this before release of the game, none of the reviewers mention anything about it and no answers here. And that the GT DD Pro Base only is still not available makes also sense now. Why release a base only, when most of your wheels are not fully supported?

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    It's embarrassing that Fanatec didn't even get the DD1 PS4/5 profile implemented in GT7 through their partnership. I also stood there with my mouth open when I saw this meager profile choice. 

  • You are right, that one is not even on it, forgot about that one to be honest. The most expensive base for Playstation and not even a profile page.... Fanatec, what is going on? This is really embarrasing.

  • Fanatec and PD should add Podium DD1 support ASAP! I think it is unacceptable that we have very expensive wheels and base that is not combatible with the one sim Fanatec is partner with.

  • Think it is about time Fanatec makes a statement/gives some info about the less than ideal support of wheel(-button)s and the missing profile for the F1 Podium in GT 7. You have a partnership with Sony/PD, why are your products not supported to the full extent of it's capabilities?

  • I can't imagine Fanatec making any statement on this. They are far too busy patting themselves on the back on their successful partnership with Sony and PD. They go out of their way to explicitly state that the GT DD is the only supported DD wheelbase for GT7 so it appears the Podium wheel is officially being ignored.

  • I'd like the ability to remap all buttons on DD Pro wheel, let using other wheels that I do not own!

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    I think maybe it‘s time to give up on GT7. /PD after 25 years of waiting for a state of the art product, I am thankful that Fanatec was getting it at least working on some way, but that is not enough I think the problem is on the PD side. There are no surprise’s no ButtonBoxes are working etc.

    PD is so in love with it self

    let’s wait for Forza8

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