GT DD Pro clutch not working with F1 2021 PC

Hello I am having problems getting the clutch to work with my GT DD Pro with load cell brake. The Fanatec control panel shows proper operation of clutch. Clutch works fine with ACC. However in F1 2021 trying to race with a buddy and I can't launch w/o clutch and can't figure out how to make the clutch work. In settings when I adjust the mappings, it shows a mapping of a square "O" when I press the clutch so it sees the clutch getting pressed but doesn't work in a race. Thanks in advance.


  • F1 2021 doesn't work with clutches for launch. F1 2021 just expects an on-off button for launching.

    Only on old F1 cars with H-pattern shifter you can enable full manual shifting + clutch. But on modern cars not possible to have a clutch and also not possible to set the clutch for launch.

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