CSL DD compatibility mode stopped working in F1 2021


Have been playing F1 2021 for a while now on the dd. But today when launching the game, the wheel is not working in compatability mode. I am not able to press any buttons in the game(Or enable the setup for the wheel in setup menu). It works in PC mode, but when using pc mode, the throttle is stuck at 50%, so its not really an option to use PC mode.

Anybody else experience this and have a solution?

The base/wheel and pedals dont show up in fanalab in compatibility mode, but I think this is normal?


  • Reinstall the driver or run the driver repair with the base in Compatibility mode.

    It's btw not normal that nothing is shown in Fanalab so a clear Indicator that something is broken.

  • Thanks for the reply Maurice, I managed to fix the issue by simply switching the usb port on the pc :D

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    I fixed the issue. Apparently I needed to hit the PS button at the main menu of PS5 rather than after starting the game and doing it while it was loading. Dumb that I need to do that but at least I know now.

    I am running into the issue where no wheel on the base will work with F1 2021 on PS5. I tried both blue and purple LED modes (PS4/PS5). The wheels and base do work with GT7 which is really odd.

    I am running PC Driver 439, Wheel base, base motor I am desperate to get this thing fixed for F1 as I have league races this week.

  • Problema

    Ps5 cls dd lo vede come pad

  • Bro, I'm having the same issue. I'm unable to use the wheel on F1 '21, can you walk me through the process?

    I'm going to try to repair the firmware and relaunch the game while spamming the PS button but I've tried that and it doesn't work. The wheel buttons work outside F1 perfectly but when I try to use it in game it dies. When I go to settings it only shows the two wireless controller setups but no wheel, if I turn off the controller a "please connect controller" screen comes up and I'm not able to do anything with the wheel. Its driving me crazy.

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