Gt Dd Pro oscillating and hitting noise

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Hey there fellow racing community.

Finally my GT DD Pro arrived on Tuesday and its lots of fun, but I have a setup issue I think. I'm new to sim racing hardware and didn't find anything similar by browsing the forum. If this is already discussed anywhere else, please excuse me.

I'm still playing Gran Turismo Sport until I get used to everything and the problem is the higher the class of the car (NXXX; GR.4; GR.5;... etc) the harder the wheel starts oscillating and gets almost uncontrollable. It feels like there is play in the FFB in an area between 11 and 1. If I turn into corners everything is fine.

With no experience in the settings I left everything preset but tried lowering the Damper to 30 and the FEI to 80, as suggested elsewhere but it didn't quiet do the trick. The games settings itself are FFB strength - 5 and FFB sensitivity- 1

There is a slight hitting noise that I also notice very lightly on the wheel after tighter corners and hairpins. Feels like a load change. I hope that's technical and ment to be.

Has anyone the same problems and a solution that maybe doesn't interfere with the accuracy? Thanks in advance!


  • Yes I know what you mean about a click or crack noise , it feels a lot like a loose pin in the shaft or inside the motor. I have had the wheel for a month or so.

  • Try another game i think that s becouse game when i play dirt 2.0 there is no oscillating at all im GT when i drive Sauber c9 i must break my shoulders to take wheel straight in the Line i can put a video when i turn wheel to the right and you can hear that clicking but i think that s becouse nad ffb in the game or plastici qr sorry about my nad English.

  • Thanks for your responses. I'll try AC today but shouldn't I be able to compensate the oscillating in the wheels settings itself?

    Is there any list or manual to really learn all the different settings there are? Would be shame having the A class equipment without knowing how everything works and what it does

  • You have on net Fanatec settings for every game just google name of game and fanatec settings but i think that here on forum is smoewhere discussion about that theme greetings Domagoj.

  • I’ve noticed a clicking noise when rapidly changing wheel position. It feels as if the wheel is out of line. It feels a lot like what my g923 used to feel like. A lot of the precision is gone. Not sure what happened here. I use the wheel for iracing on pc btw.

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