LED-settings for Formula V2.5 X in Fanalab and F1 2021


I am struggling with how to get the flag LEDs to behave properly when playing F1 2021 on PC. Also have some unexpected vibration. My wheel is Formula V2.5 X on a GT DD Pro wheelbase which is in PC compatability mode.

My symptoms:

  • Pit limiter LEDs are active all the time
  • Some times the Blue flag LEDS activate without reason (I'm not being blue-flagged in game)
  • Vibration when driving over some parts of track although I've disabled everything but wheel spin and wheel lock vibration in Fanalab

My Fanalab settings:

  • Enable telemetry is true
  • Fanalab's game LED/Hardware support is enabled
  • UDP port is 20777

In-game settings:

  • Fanatec LED is ON
  • UDP telemetry is ON with port 20777
  • Send rate is 30 Hz
  • UDP format is 2020
  • Your telemetry is Public

Does anyone know how I should have my settings to get the Flag LEDs to function as I prescribe in Fanalab?

Thanks in advance


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