Rev/gear lights don't work on F1 '22 - Please help

Hello, I don't know why but I can't get my rev lights and gear display to work with F1 '22. I have it working with F1 2021 but can't get it to work with '22.

Also in Fanalab I don't see the game F1 '22 in that games list, maybe that's why? I don't know if I need a newer update for Fanalab because it says I'm on the most recent version if I click check for updates.

Fanalab version V1.63

Platform: PC, Steam

In-game telemetry settings:


Fanatec LED: OFF


UDP Telemetry: ON

UDP Broadcast Mode: OFF

UDP IP Address:

UDP Port: 20888

UDP Send Rate 60Hz

UDP Format: 2021

Your Telemetry: Public

Show player names: OFF


  • Here a screenshot of my settings in-game.

  • FanaLab does not support the game yet.

    For now you have to set the Fanatec LED option in the game to ON and rely on the native LED and Display support until a new Fanalab version with support for F1 22 is released

  • I'll try this out tonight! Thanks, hopefully it works until they come out with a Fanalab update that supports F1 '22.

  • Hi !

    I have a solution to make Fanalab work on F1 22 (Fanalab V1.63)

    You need to change the configuration.xml of Fanalab (Make a save of the file before !!!)

    Close Fanalab.

    Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\xml" and open "Configuration.xml" as administrator.

    Search the line F1 2021 and change the line "Exe" and "SteamLaunch" :

      <title>F1 2021</title>



      <steamlaunch id="1692250">steam://rungameid/1692250</steamlaunch>

    Save and close.

    Restart Fanalab,

    Start the game and configure the telemetry settings (Compatibility F1 2021 !!!!)

    It work for me, I have my custom LED and vibrations with my Clubsport V3.

  • You're a GENIUS! It works for me too: God bless you!

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