Drivehub compatability for PS5

Trying to get a set of third party pedals to work on PS5 in GT7. A Logitech G920 works fine. Both the CSL DD and the DD Pro work but have frame rate lag. I have all the latest firmware and have been in contact with drivehub trying to solve the problem. I have an Hori controller and the pedals and wheel are recognized and do work but with the framerate lag

Dave Cam who streams on you tube has used the drivehub successfully with Heusinkveld pedals and the DD1. Pretty sure the DD1 has Logitech emulation like older Fanatec wheels did.

Just wondering if anyone else has found a Fanatec wheel that works in GZT7 with third party pedals. Of course the DD Pro works fine with CSL pedals attached to the base. Thanks


  • before i used the drive hub, had the thrustmaster ts-xw for xbox series x, th8a shifter and sparco tss+, and the fanatec v3 elite pedals. It worked allways fine, with both xbox and ps5. Just never tried the set on gt7. On gt sport was fine. The firmmware i installed on the hub i dont remember the version name. Maybe try a diferent version...

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