DD + MclarenGT3 wheel axle play.


I have an issue with the physical conection between McLaren GT3 + QR1 Lite + DD base.

In high torque situations there is a small and sudden slip between them wich translates in force and click sound. The QR1 nut is tight (see picture).

From the manual P-WB-DD1-Manual-EN_10.pdf:

Note: When a Fanatec steering wheel with

Simplified Quick Release is used on a Podium

Wheel Base, the torque will automatically reduce

to the level of the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5. --> 8Nm

I contacted support and they think it's normal. In my opinion the interface should be solid on the whole range of forces it was designed to work with. (DD is up to 8Nm). The solution provided is to buy QR1 metal adapter.


It can be seen and listened in the video. T = 17s, 26s and 36s


  • It's very common problem.

    You need to use a small strip of tape over the center duct of the hub.

  • Thanks for the tip. I'll try that.

    You have been more helpfull than Fanatec support.

  • Electrical tape definitely works. Until you need to add another layer - then it works again for some time. I switched to QR1 before needing a third layer and it's been perfect since then.

  • I cannot buy QR1.

    I own a WRC wheel, and I only bought it because at that time Fanatec only had that as a round wheel. I wanted a CSW Universal HUB steering wheel, 370 €, but it was sold out. Alternatively BMW GT2, 300 € (now 350 €) also sold out. It had been about a year that I was looking to buy a Fanatec wheelbase and steering wheel, and in the end I got a WRC.

    200 € if I took the QR1 it would have been 300 €, but at that point my dignity would have forced me to wait for one of the steering wheels I liked.

    I must say, to be fair, that the WRC wheel once taken in hand and seen live is much much worse than it looks in the picture.

    So I bought a carbon magnetic shifter mod, just to get rid of the hideous orange shifter. € 56.

    Now if I spent € 100 plus € 33 shipping for a QR1, my ugly WRC wheel would have paid € 389. Which would make me stupid. (Already € 200 for that thing, they make me a stupid, I know)

  • Thanks, the the tape trick it's working for now.

  • i had same problem thought i had it tight enough as it was on on the line

    tightened it a bit more and have not had an issue ever sincce

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