fanatec make an adaptor for the pedals

I wish fanatec would make an adaptor so we can use other pedals and plug them into the base. Now I know some would say to me , just plug them in USB and I know that, but some of us still play older sims that only let us play it with everything plugged into the base only. I have my V3 and shifter into the 2.5 base and all works great. But If I wanted to try a new pedal set like HE for example. I cant and I would have to get a new base thats wireless to run different pedals.


  • Why would Fanatec create something that will allow use of their competitors products?

    Would you really expect Fanatec to develop the firmware (if possible) for multiple pedals/shifters/handbrakes, and maintain it - and have people complain that the 3rd party products dont work properly.

    Let Fanatec concentrate on their own products, and accept that every manufacturer has their own ecosystem - and if there are limitations then you need to weigh up the pros/cons of each.

    Personally, i'd love to have the option of mixing and matching my Sim gear - but I have my reasons for sticking to the Fanatec ecosystem - mainly due to limited USB ports on my laptop, and the occasional PS4 use.

  • For me it would work if they did so , thats all

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    Mi opinión es que Fanatec podría crear unos nuevos pedales, similares a los Eusinkveld u otros.

    Jo estoy utilizando unos V3 + base podium desde hace unos 2 años sin ningún tipo de problema, pero me gustaría disponer de algo más


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